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Harassment Prevention Policies

Employers are required to have and follow a written Harassment Prevention Policy. This is done in consultation with the Occupational Health & Safety Committee or Representative. In workplaces that do not have a committee or a representative employers must consult workers directly.


In addition to having a harassment policy in place, employers are required to post a copy of the policy somewhere that it can be easily referenced by workers. It can be posted online as long as all employees have access to it.

The policy must include…

  • a definition of harassment that includes the definition used in The Saskatchewan Employment Act
  • a statement that every worker is entitled to employment free of harassment
  • a commitment that the employer will make all reasonable efforts to prevent harassment
  • a commitment that the employer will take corrective action when harassing behaviour occurs
  • information about reporting, the complaint process, and how results of an investigation will be communicated
  • privacy/disclosure protections for complainants and alleged harassers
  • a reference to occupational health and safety laws and a worker’s right to request assistance from an Occupational Health Officer
  • a reference to The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, discriminatory practices and the worker’s right to file a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
  • a statement that the workplace harassment policy is not intended to discourage or prevent workers from exercising any other legal rights available to them

Employers in federally regulated workplaces must also have a workplace harassment and violence prevention policy that has information about dealing with harassment complaints.

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