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Compensation for Workplace Injuries

Workers' compensation will pay for any required medical treatment and compensate workers for lost wages, as well as covering some approved additional expenses related to the injury.

Medical Costs

Workers' compensation pays for medical treatment, professional counselling costs, hospital care, prescription drugs and medical supplies. Saskatchewan Health does not cover these costs for workplace injury claims.

If the injured worker must travel outside their home community for medical appointments or treatment, workers' compensation may cover travel costs.

Lost Wages

If you are only off work on the day of the injury you will not be paid for lost wages.

If you miss work after the day of the injury you will be paid benefits for lost earnings. Earnings loss benefits are based on 90% of your net earnings. Your net earnings are your gross earnings minus deductions for Income Tax, Canada Pension and Employment Insurance.

There is a maximum wage rate used. If you earn more than the maximum your benefits will still be based on this maximum wage. The maximum wage rate changes yearly based on Saskatchewan's average wage for that year.

Additional Benefits

Workers may receive additional benefits to cover expenses related to the injury. For example, if they cannot shovel their own snow. These must be approved before the expense is incurred.

There are also benefits to compensate for loss of pension benefits if a worker is off work for more than 24 months.

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